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Consulting Services to Help You Succeed

If you are running a startup or small to medium business, you certainly have financial goals for your business and for yourself.  You may also have specific finance and accounting challenges or questions.


I am an experienced Silicon Valley CFO and CPA that can help. My focus is helping entrepreneurs better manage their companies and better position their companies and themselves for business and personal financial success. This includes long-term planning to help prepare for the day when you sell or otherwise exit your business to enjoy your financial success.


I have deep experience in software and internet businesses, and additional experience in several other industries.  My experience includes businesses of many sizes, including startups and companies in various phases of growth up to nearly $1 billion in sales.  I have contributed as an employee, consultant, advisor and co-founder.  

My services include Consulting CFO services, accounting and projects.  I live and work in the Bay Area, and can help elsewhere via phone, online and/or light travel. 

More about my background can be found here.

Consulting CFO

Your company needs financial expertise to help it succeed. If your team doesn't include a finance professional or your finance people don't have enough training or time, I can provide financial management at much less cost than hiring a full-time employee.  More information here.


Your accounting needs probably include an accounting system, reliable financial reports, payroll, basic banking, employee reimbursements and a few other basics. I can help establish such processes or help improve processes that already exist.  More information here.

Finance Projects

In addition to accounting and Consulting CFO services, I can help with one-time or recurring projects.  More information here

How to Start?

Send me a message and we can schedule a quick call. If it makes sense, we can discuss a possible project in more detail. I love learning about new businesses and look forward to hearing from you. 

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