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Do you need a finance person?



Most companies are started by experts in technical, marketing or other fields who need help figuring out how to organize, monetize, fund, plan, analyze and manage their companies. Not to mention avoiding trouble with taxes, business regulations and employment laws. Even if you have financial experience, you may to prefer focus your personal efforts on product and customers; or you may need help in a specialized area. 

Larry Ellison once joked that he hired a "finance guy" for Oracle only because he thought it was required by law. Of course, a finance guy is not really required, but Larry and every other successful entrepreneur knows that finance matters.


Does a startup need a full-time finance person?


Probably not, unless your company is getting big or your product includes complicated financial or transactional components.


However, even if you don't need a full-time finance person, you do need financial management. Smart financial management will help you succeed and help you avoid costly mistakes (like setting a price that won't cover your real costs, not understanding your burn rate, or failing to convince potential investors that you know how to run a company).


We can help


We can help you figure out your finance needs. We can take on a project. We can provide our skills to your team on a temporary basis or continue as a part-time member of your team until you need a full-time finance leader. Whatever makes sense to meet your needs.


We have experience in just about any activity on your finance to-do list (and some stuff on your other to-do lists).


Our experience includes startups in all phases; from a small team making big plans at Starbucks, through product launch, traction, funding, profits and growing fast. We know what its like to eat pizza in the office at 11 pm so we can keep working. We know what its like to work on product, financing, sales and hiring all at the same time. We have been there. 


Our experience also includes larger companies in several industries, so we understand boundaries, policies and the need to collaborate with the folks down the hall or in another time zone.


And we are the first to tell you that we aren't experts at everything. If we can't help, we will say so and we will try to suggest somebody who can. 

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