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Typical Startup Finance "to-do" List 


Your startup's "to-do" list probably includes many of the projects listed below. These are projects I have performed and I can do one or more of them for you.

• Figure out how to monetize product

• Create pricing model and set prices

• Build financial model

• Forecast cashflow to quantify burn rate and runway

• Build investor presentation

• Clearly explain the business to investors

• Find lawyers to incorporate business and/or set up stock option plan

• Obtain business valuation for tax purposes

• Create strategic and operating plan 

• Create budget

​• Monitor key performance indicators

• Analyze and control costs

• Optimize customer acquisition costs

• Analyze customer churn and lifetime value

• Analyze gross margins

Set up accounting system and processes

• Sort out an accounting mess

• Prepare financial statements for investors

• Prepare for an audit

• Manage due diligence for a financing or sale

• Set up payroll services

• Organize required employee paperwork

• Design employee compensation plans

• Get paid faster by customers

• Comply with federal, state and local tax laws

• Obtain required business permits

• Write policies and procedures

• Hire and mentor finance and accounting staff

Many of these projects represent ongoing requirements for a business.  Projects such as these can be arranged on a recurring basis, or bundled into an ongoing part-time Consulting CFO role.

How to Start?

Send me a message and we can schedule a quick call. If it makes sense, we can discuss a possible project in more detail. I love learning about new businesses and look forward to hearing from you. 

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