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Why a blog here and now??

Why a blog? A very good question indeed. And the answer may be that there is no good reason to write one.

Sure, I can practice my typing skills and amuse myself by dreaming of readers. However, this will be worthwhile only if I write something useful to others and they actually find it. So I begin by writing. Trying to make it useful. Then worry later about getting somebody to read it. Maybe I will start tweeting or something.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs better understand their businesses as a foundation for better decision-making, more successful fund-raising, more productive teams and avoidance of risks and surprises. Smarter managers make smarter decisions, attract smarter money, build smarter products and achieve smarter results. I don't expect to be as smart as the geniuses who create all of these great products in Silicon Valley, but I can be smart enough to make them just a little bit smarter. That is my contribution. Until I invent an addictive video-game or car that washes itself or...

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